Trinityhouse Preparatory School Randpark Ridge prides itself on an academic curriculum that is relevant to an ever-changing world. In keeping with global educational trends, Trinityhouse teachers combine the best elements of global competencies with more traditional methodologies in their daily teaching. Our children are encouraged to develop an inquiring mind and a willingness to learn. They are constantly motivated to work hard and to set highly achievable goals. Children learn English, Afrikaans and isiZulu from Grade 1. Mathematics and Science play an integral part in our syllabus. Our highly dedicated teachers inspire our children to reach their full potential, thus guaranteeing a maximum development of intellectual capabilities. Trinityhouse provides an “Education beyond expectation”.
We believe in teaching skills that will enable children to engage critically with the world around them by creating critical, creative and reflective thinkers, skilled, competent and able researchers, effective communicators, capable and confident collaborators and resilient individuals who are able to self-manage themselves.

We offer a wide range of sports at the Preparatory School. We do, however, put an emphasis on team sports, as we believe it is vital for our boys and girls to be able to put the team above the individual. It is our passion for sport, and the ability to keep competing, that distinguishes Trinityhouse Preparatory from other offerings. We aim to instill values of sportsmanship, humility and the desire to succeed, in all of our pupils. Our facilities are of a high standard and we consider ourselves a truly blessed school. Sports activities: Athletics, Chess, Mini Cricket, Cricket, Cross Country, Equestrian, mini Netball, Netball, Rugby, Softball, Swimming, T-ball, Tennis and Open Water Swimming.

Trinityhouse Preparatory School was founded in Randburg in 1997 with an enrollment of 242 pupils. Since then, it has enjoyed unprecedented growth and we pride ourselves that the demand for places far outstrips those available.

The education we provide is holistic in that mind, body and spirit are developed concurrently. Our academic curriculum is relevant to an ever-changing world

while age-old spiritual values remain unchanged. While the school has no denominational allegiance, the mainstream teachings of Christianity are overtly taught and Bible Education is an important part of the curriculum. The children mature in a protected environment with high ideals and values.

Trinityhouse Preparatory School pupils are encouraged to develop an inquiring mind and a drive to learn. They are constantly encouraged to achieve and are motivated to reach their potential. Trinityhouse pupils are self-confident, humble, industrious and determined.

Our exceptional teachers members are experienced in fostering the development of all that is special in each child, guaranteeing an education that is beyond expectation.

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