The school offers a very strong academic programme whilst giving pupils the opportunity to grow and develop through sport and cultural activities. Trinityhouse is a traditional private school focused on the holistic development of the child. Christian values are fostered in a nurturing environment with Bible education as part of the curriculum.

We are delighted that lessons begin on the first day of school, as this sets the tone for the year ahead. Our academic curriculum is divided into three phases.

Essential skills in Literacy, Numeracy, and Life Orientation are the focus for the Foundation
Phase in Grades 1 – 3. Language development is paramount in this phase; our children are
exposed to English, Afrikaans and isiZulu from Grade 1. Mathematics is strongly
emphasized at this level as it is pivotal to understanding so much in today’s world.

We build on Mathematical and Language skills in the next phase in Grades 4 – 6, and expose
the pupils to a wider range of subjects, such as Life Orientation, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

The senior phase begins in Grade 7 where we build further on the foundation laid in Grades
1 to 6, and then include two new subjects in the form of Science and Technology, and
Economic and Management Science.

We are confident that we offer an education beyond expectation for your child.

Trinityhouse subscribes to Continuous Assessment strategies. We strategize to ascertain the knowledge, understanding and skills attained by our children. Class work, implies activities done in class, activities completed for homework, presentations, projects, speeches and group work activities. Assessment is conducted in different forms. These include any one, or a combination of summative, formative, self, group and teacher assessment strategies. Foundation Phase assessment strategies include constant information evenings, parental feedback meetings and information-rich progress reports. Intermediate Phase assessment strategies include parent evenings, frequent parent feedback sessions, progress and promotion reports. Weekly cycle tests and end of year exams combine to provide term and year-end promotion marks.

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    The South African Schools Act (SASA) of 1996 established a national schooling system and recognised two categories of schools: public and independent. Public schools are state controlled and independent schools are privately governed. All private schools were included into the independent school category.

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