Crawford College La Lucia is a unique environment. Being a progressive educational institution, it provides opportunities for students to thrive as individuals. Teachers create a vibrant, stimulating and enjoyable environment where their aim is to teach independent thinking and to encourage habits of work and study which equip each student to succeed.

Students are provided with an education that is globally competitive, culminating in both the local South African national matriculation examination through the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) and an international equivalent endorsed by the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) in Australia.

Although academics is important, the College follows a holistic approach to education and students are encouraged to participate in the sporting, cultural and outreach programmes on offer.

A key focus is on self-discipline and the development of self-management skills which allow our students to become confident and independent, ready to cope with life’s challenges. Students are given a great deal of individual attention and privileged opportunities, but it is incumbent upon them to develop positive relationships guided by the Code of Conduct and an internally developed values system. Parents, students and the school forms part of a triangular relationship which is important for the development of the child in a Crawford system.

At Crawford College La Lucia, students are happy and thrive in the supportive environment.

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