Our school is situated in the heart of a tranquil natural environment down the road from Crawford Preparatory Fourways. Our wooded, indigenous gardens form part of the bush baby corridor and a natural wetland. We support a delicate eco system, making it possible for the broader community to sustain this rich natural heritage.
We believe that ‘city children’ attending our school have the unique privilege of learning through the exposure to nature. This environment...

is the platform for calm and integrated learning where we nurture each child’s confidence and self-esteem. Mutual respect and appreciation for both our environment and one another is nurtered. We trust in the potential of each child and in turn we encourage children not only to think for themselves but to believe in themselves!
Our innovative and child-focused methodology is essential to 21st Century teaching, where the academic philosophies and culture of communication, collaboration, creative and critical thinking are fostered.
We provide education to children from Grade 000 to Grade 0. Our programme prepares children to face the challenges of the world. We equip them with the skills required to cope well in a formal learning environment when they move on to Grade 1. We achieve this through implementing a school policy which is caring and empathetic and which recognises each individual’s needs. We aim to make everyday exceptional and work toward…

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    The South African Schools Act (SASA) of 1996 established a national schooling system and recognised two categories of schools: public and independent. Public schools are state controlled and independent schools are privately governed. All private schools were included into the independent school category.

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