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Abeille Ruche School
Situated in Century City and Monte Vista, Cape Town, offering academic and cultural excellence to our talented learners – who excel in closely controlled class sizes under the guidance and individual attention of experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers.
Bully-free zone
High academic standards
Individual attention
Focus on values & self-esteem
Christian approach
Professionally qualified, experienced teachers
With a firmly entrenched commitment to the development of each child in a faith based, personal and caring environment, Abeille Ruche School produces confident, happy, self-disciplined children with high academic grades.
Abeille Ruche School started as a home school in 2000, and following the proven success of our approach to education, has grown to offer classes from Grades 1 to 9.

Whilst following the Western Cape Education Department curriculum, we still hold to the ethos of home schooling, but have honed and improved on it to offer a unique approach to education that will equip children to excel through their school years and achieve the highest possible Matriculation results at the end.
The name “Abeille Ruche” (AH-BAY REESH), which means “The Beehive” in French, is based on the concept of a beehive where everyone works together in harmony, with clear communication and commitment to producing a beautiful end product (the honey in the beehive’s case, a well-balanced, happy and academically astute learner in ours).
Each child is of utmost importance – we are not about the business of education but rather about the children themselves. Restricted pupil numbers ensures that our classes remain at a maximum of 15 per class and ensures that our pupils are not “lost” in the classroom but given individual attention, are stimulated and eager to learn.

Century City Campus
Grade 1 to 4
Tel: (+27) 021 824 1155
Fax: (+27) 086 218 0875

Monte Vista Campus
Grade 5 to 9
Tel: (+27) 021 559 8902
Fax: (+27) 086 218 0875

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